everything of cody righhhhhhtttt heeeerrreeeee:D

saucy stories:)

so you are both at cody's house:) home aloone:) Cody looks fucking fit in his tight jeans, tight top and sexy high tops. you look gorg in your skimpy, flowery dress. and he's clearly attracted to you as much as your attracted to him.
so you both sit down on the sofa and the movie begins. you snuggle into Cody, he snuggles back,<3 Cody reassures you that he will protect you if the crazy killer randomly jumps out of the TV  and starts humping the dog.  you laugh.

allooonnng cooomes thee seex scene:)

you feel a slight horny-ness coming on.. your sat next to Cody SEXY Simpson one of the hottest guys in the world, your head a couple centimeters away from his dick, watching sex! so who the fuck wouldn't be horny right now!?

being the sneaky cow you are, you move your head more closer to his cock. yeahh, Cody likes it:) 
he looks at you, "(your name), since we've been dating for a couple years now, there's something i want to ask you."
"me too. you first." you say.
"well, this seems like a good time, so..." he hesitates.
"so what?" you say.
"..well,  umm, your just so fucking hot, and every time i see you i just want fuck your brains out. would you please just fuck me now?"
your amazed. 
Cody Simpson, wants to fuck you. wow. 
"WOW, is that seriously how you feel!? niiice:)" now you hesitate. "but Cody. i want to use protection, i can't be pregnant, not at this age anyway.."
"oh babe, don't worry about that! i have that covered. i brought one." he reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a condom:) "so its a yes yeah?" 
"ohmygosh yeah!!" you say.

so you take it to Cody's room:)))))))

you sit down and Cody starts snogging you. then he lies you down whilst climbing on top of you. you slowly undress each other...
you are both now completely naked so Cody grabs the condom. he tries to put it on but its too small. his dick is too big. that turns you on. "never mind" he says "i bought a bigger one just in case." so he slips it on. 

this time you climb on top of him, you slowly sit on his dick, letting it go inside:)it kinda hurts because its so big, but you don't care, it feels goooooooooood at the same time. 

uuuup and dooown. uuupp and dooowwn. cody's moaning and so are you. 

you now try 'doggie style'. this is even better. woahhh, Cody knows what hes doing! he gets faster and faster and faster! he slaps your ass, and rubs your vagina. you both now reach your orgasm. wow! that was amazing:) 

now Cody removes his dick, and cums all over you. over your boobs, in your mouth, everywhere. -(oh apart from your vagina cos you don't want to get pregnant remember..)
he licks you out, and you like it:) you suck him, and he likes it:)

i hope this didn't make you to horny.....  
      theee eeend.